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TecsaReco Appliance Spares

TecsaReco Appliance Spares

TecsaReco Appliance Spares is the #1 in Appliance Parts” and the premier supplier in South Africa of spares and related know-how for all major global domestic appliance brands.

TecsaReco holds the majority share of the appliance spares market in South Africa, and is "#1 Appliance Parts" in South Africa. A 24 strong branch network, supported by a fleet of 70 vehicles, services the TecsaReco customer base nationally. The outlets offer extended hours, weekend trading and further equip customers with not only product but supporting know-how, making TecsaReco the go-to destination for technical expertise in the country.

In addition to value-add import and distribution, TecsaReco Appliance Spares has the ability to assemble elements and fridge gaskets to customers’ specifications.