TecsaReco Evaporative Coolers

Ducted evaporative air conditioning is the best way for your family to enjoy summer and cool your whole home on hot summer days. With electricity bills rising, evaporative air conditioning delivers whole of home cooling that is significantly cheaper to install and significantly cheaper to run than standard ducted refrigerated air conditioning systems that usually operate as a zoned system. Evaporative cooling is the healthy choice, circulating clean, fresh, naturally cooled air throughout your home, compared to recirculated air used in ducted refrigerated air conditioning systems. The clean, filtered air is soft and gentle on the eyes and nose and does not dry out the skin. Evaporative cooling is environmentally friendly, producing less CO2 greenhouse gases than a standard ducted refrigerated or wall hung split system. With rising electricity prices in South Africa, evaporative cooling is clearly the best way to keep your cooling energy costs at a manageable level.

TecsaReco Turbine Ventilators

Mounted to the roof, turbine ventilators extract hot, stale and polluted indoor air. This allows cool, fresh air to enter the building from outside. Turbine ventilators keep indoor environments cooler and healthier; they use no electricity and turn using the wind and natural convection. TecsaReco’s range of turbine ventilators are made from the best quality materials to the highest international standards. Our extensive range allows you to find the perfect turbine for your application. Higher roofs generally require larger diameter turbines, whilst lower roofs require smaller turbines to allow even ventilation over the entire roofed area. Coloured tiles on the roofs of homes are usually best suited to the SupaVent range which are available in a variety of colours to match the roof. A range of materials is also available from UV stabilised plastic to metal turbines. Lightweight aluminium turbines offer a performance and corrosion advantage over heavier galvanised metal turbines.


Ducting systems & our range of grilles

Selecting the right duct and fittings is critical to ensure that your new system operates effectively, keeping you comfortable and saving on running costs. When your choice is for quiet, clean and healthy air, we insist on the TecsaReco range. The smooth internal surface maximises air flow, minimises noise levels and the non-allergenic polyester blanket provides the necessary insulation to optimise your system's performance. Our range of flexible duct is highly recommended for all ducted reverse cycle and evaporative cooling. We make it simple for you to select the right diffuser to match the interior of your home and the performance of your ducted system. The modern sleek diffusers are designed to achieve maximum disbursement of cool air to all parts of your home in the heat of summer.

Ducting systems

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