Glass Tray 325mm - 3Leg Coupler

Glass Tray 325mm - 3Leg Coupler

Suitable For :LG MS3045W, MS3045WB, MG604W, MH8082X, MS3045WS, MC9243JLR, MC9243JR, MC924J, MC924JL, MG604WB, MG604WS, MG6442DP, MG6442DPS, MG6644B, MG6644BS, MH6647SRWB, MH6647SRWR, MS3949CS, MWM2822MG, MC8083DS, MC8083MLR, MC8084KLR, NJ3965ACS, MS304W, MS304WB, MH6647SRWS, MH7947S, MH7948AS, MH7949S, MH8042GM, MC924JR, MG583MC, ML2881C, MS2324W, MS2324WS, MS2807C, MS283MC, MS304WG, MS304WS, MS3840SR, MS3947S, MS3949CB

Russell Hobbs MC805CLR, RHBM30G


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Brands : DEFY, LG, Russell Hobbs

Price: R 380,63 (Inc. Vat)
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