Glass Tray 318mm (Original)

Glass Tray 318mm (Original)

Suitable For :Samsung CE1031, CE107BA-B, CE107F-S, CE107M, CE107MTST, CE107V-B, CE107V-W, CE100V-W, CE108MDF-M, CE1150, CE117AE, CE117APT, CE117AT-S, CE117PPT-X, CE2933-1, CE2944N-5, CE2977N, CE297DN-5, GE0103MB, GE0103MB1, GE0113MB1, GE102N-S, GE102V-X, GE102Y-S, GE102Y, GE106V-S, GE107Y, GE109MST, GE109MST1, GS109F-1S, M1977NCE, M197DF, M197DN-5, MC28H5013AK, MC28H5013AW, MC28H5015AK, MC28H5015AS, MC28H5015AW, MC28H5015CK, MC28H5125AK, MC28H5135CK, ME0113M1, ME102V, ME106V-S, ME109F-1S, ME6124ST, ME6124ST, ME6124W, ME8123ST, ME9114S1, ME9114W1, MG28F301TAK, MG28F303TAK, MG28F303TFK, MG28J5215AB, MG28J5215AS, MG28J5255GS, MG28J5255US, MG32J5215AS, MR89, MS103HCE-5, MS103HCE, MS109F-S, MS123HCE, MS123SCE-1, MS123SCE, MS28F301TFS, MS28J5215AS, MS28J5215AS, MS32J5133AM, MT1199ST, MW102N, MW103H-S, MW103H, MW109MST, MW123ST, MW8123ST

(Can also use stock code SMTT16)

Code: S-DE74-20015G
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Brands : Samsung

Price: R 1 036,71 (Inc. Vat)
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